Black Opal True Color Foundation Stick Swatches Review

3 Reasons Why You NEED To Try the Black Opal True Color Foundation Stick!

Nothing beats great quality and functionality! That’s why the Black Opal True Color Foundation Sticks have been a makeup artist staple for years. These babies are super versatile! I have a few different foundation formulas in my kit but I always reach for the Black Opal True Color Foundation Sticks. You can use them for […]

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NYX Haulin’

The only thing better than affordable makeup is affordable makeup that’s on sale. You can’t beat that! One of my favorite drugstore brands is NYX because they make some great quality lipsticks, eyeshadows and more that rival higher end brands like MAC and Urban Decay at a fraction of the price. Every time I go […]

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Fancie Faves

New month, new makeup! Whether you’re hauling something new or shopping your stash now would be a great time to switch things up a little. I just love spicing up my routine but sometimes there are products I get a little attached to. Here’s a rundown on the products I just couldn’t part with last month:

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