Fenty Beauty MatteMoiselle Plush Matte Lipistick Swatches on Dark Skin: Spanked, Shawty, PMS, Griselda and Clapback

Fenty Beauty MatteMoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks are SO Creamy!

Rihanna is showing us all what #BlackGirlMagic truly is! Her signature Fenty Beauty line has been a hit since its release. So it’s no surprise that the latest addition to the Fenty Beauty lineup is taking the beauty world by storm too. We’ve been waiting for Rihanna to drop a line of lipsticks on us. […]

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Fenty Beauty Swatches First Impressions on Dark Skin

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is Here & it’s Magical!

Rihanna set the beauty world on fire over the weekend and we’re all feeling the heat! The much anticipated Fenty Beauty by Rihanna launched Friday exclusively at Sephora. And it’s all anyone can talk about. For good reason, too! Fenty Beauty took us all by storm upon release. Rihanna kept everything under wraps until the official launch date (September 8th) including […]

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Viva Glam Rihanna Available Today!

It’s finally here ladies! The Viva Glam Rihanna campaign launched online Tuesday but you can now head to your local MAC and test the glam for yourself! I know you guys are probably a wee bit over MAC and Rihanna but this collection is for such a great cause. All the proceeds will go to […]

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Hello Again, RiRi Woo!

The RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday collection started launching last week and boy was it madness! I was in the waiting room at MAC around 12 and made it out pretty quickly (15 minutes) but Pleasurebomb and Bad Girl RiRi lipsticks were already sold out. I only ended up with a replacement RiRi Woo but I […]

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RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection

It’s almost time ladies! We’ve survived the summer and fall releases of Rihanna’s collections but we have just a little bit more RiRi to go! The holiday installment will debut online December 5 and will be available in stores December 12. There will be a waiting room as per usual so prepare for the madness! […]

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MAC Diamonds Cream Color Base Review

Don’t you just love when you splurge on a whim and love your shiny new purchase? I initially had no plans of hauling Diamonds from the RiRi Hearts MAC fall collection but the packaging sucked me right in. I have enough highlighters to illuminate a football field but I don’t still don’t regret picking this […]

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