BB Cream vs CC Creams: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re a beginner or makeup expert, it can be hard to keep up with all of the newfangled products and formulas that constantly hitting the market. I’ll never forget when BB Creams and CC Creams really started gaining traction here in the states. Everyone was going nuts with excitement and all I could think was, […]

Time to Deep Condition!

Everyone may not want long, waist length hair but we all want healthy hair! There are many different techniques to achieve shiny, healthy hair but one of the most important is deep conditioning. Deep conditioning once a week (or every other week) helps to add the moisture and protein hair needs to grow long and strong. […]

Ready, Set, Tone!

Have you ever wondered if your skin was completely clean after wash time? I sure have! There’s been quite a few times I felt like I was on top of my skincare routine but still suffered from breakouts. Breakouts can occur for a number of reasons like stress, environmental changes, hormones and more. One of […]

Foundations for Dark Skin

It’s no secret I love makeup and all things beauty. It’s just who I am! But the biggest reason behind Fancieland was to be a reference for women who looked like me. There are millions of beauty bloggers all over the world but there are so little who really understand the needs of women of […]

The Art of Co-Washing

It’s been so long since I’ve done a hair post! I’m still on my journey to waist length and I must say things are going pretty darn well. At the moment, I’m about 3-5 inches away so fingers (and toes) crossed I hit my goal by fall! Since I’ve embarked on my hair journey I’ve […]

Refresh Those Cuticles With Beauty Oils!

Happy Monday! As I’m getting ready to get my nails done I thought I’d share a quick nail tip! Remember those beauty oils I was telling you about? Well they’re not all just for skincare. Some make for a great cuticle oil too!

Grow Your Lashes and Brows Naturally!

  For years women have been pouring castor oil onto their luscious locks for it’s excellent healthy hair growth properties. Castor oil has been proven to promote healthier and thicker hair growth so it’s no surprise beauties started putting the wonder oil on their brows and lashes too! I’ve been using castor oil on my […]