ELF 24K 15 Color Eyeshadow Palette

So on one of my many lippie binges, I scored a free eyeshadow palette!

As always, ELF just can’t resist giving us glam heads a good sale. Recently, I was able to score $1.95 shipping and a free eyeshadow palette from the 24K collection. I have made a handful of purchases from ELF and I personally love some of their products!

I’d never tried anything from the 24K collection so I was really looking forward to getting my hands on this. Check it out!


  • Bright gold faux leather trim with an embossed emblem
  • inside matte black cardboard like material
  • flimsy

The packaging seemed like it would be a nice change from ELF’s usual designs but once I actually received it, I was a bit disappointed. It totally comes off a tad gaudy and cheap. It is also very thin and pretty flimsy. The cardboard housing was a total turn off for me. Especially since this line is held at a higher price point.

However, I really like the color selection! There are some neutral shades and some more colorful picks. You could easily pull off a neutral, smoky, or vibrant look in this palette.

The formula needs a little work but it isn’t a total fail. Some of the colors come off chalky and powdery (mostly the lighter color shades) . Not a big deal for a free palette or the usual $14 it costs. Even with a bit of fall out, these shadows are nicely pigmented. Some colors are actually really vibrant!

Check out the swatches!

Without flash:

With flash:

Not bad at all for a free palette, right?! I think if ELF would have stepped up their packaging game, this could have been a nice hit for the company. It’s still not a miss for me though. I would definitely recommend it but not at full price.

Fancie Rating:


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