L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Gloss

l’oreal paris colour riche le gloss

Being the picky Aquarius girl that I am, I was starting to grow very tired of the VS Beauty Rush lip gloss I had been wearing since high school.

I’m slowly treading into the world of makeup so I’m trying to stick with lower end, yet quality products. Plus I’m a broke college student =p.

So I went on the hunt for some new refreshing lippies at my local CVS.

What I found were the cuuuutest tubes of lippies in the L’Oreal section!

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The tubes are what attracted me honestly. I’m a sucker for cute packaging. I can never control myself around anything cute. I love the gold elements and the tall, slim tube factor. It looks really chic and Fancie ^_^. Plus they smell like graham crackers. Just sweet and yummy!

I got these in Spicy Mauve and Violet Attitude. Spicy Mauve is a shimmery pinky nude with warm undertones. Violet Attitude is a bright shimmery pink.

Here’s the swatches without flash:

Here’s the swatches with flash:

I like that these glosses aren’t slippery or sticky. They have a soft, silky feel that is actually a little moisturizing. This won’t replace a good balm, but it gets the job done for a pigmented lip gloss. I love the texture of this gloss and also how versatile it can be. These can be worn alone for a touch of color in the day time with a natural look or work night time with more intensity or over a lipstick or stain. I actually think this works perfectly with lipsticks to maybe tone down a color or add a little shimmer. They look lovely with my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

The Le Gloss isn’t a total hit..

The two shades I have aren’t that pigment packed. There are some that are more pigment packed though. Spicy mauve and Violet Attitude can come off a little sheer for those with pigmented lips, but the color can be built up for more intensity of course. Also, the glosses don’t wear very long. They last for up to 4 hours without much eating or drinking but the tubes come with quite enough gloss for touch ups during the day. For the price ($6), I can’t complain.

= ]


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