ELF Studio Blush Brush Review


What a lovely $3 spent! This is a pretty nice brush, Elf! The brush is made of synthetic Taklon fibers that feel incredibly soft! Check it out!


The studio blush brush features a very chic all black design with the company and brush name imprinted along the handle in white.

This brush can definitely be used for bronzer and highlighters but I’ve only used it for blush so far. Let me tell you, this brush gets the job done! It applies both powder and cream blushes like a dream!


The Taklon fibers are super soft yet dense enough to allow the brush to pick up pigment very well. Its slightly tapered tip allows for great control and precision. You can use the tapered end to pick up a small amount of blush or the entire brush head to get a bit more product.

I’ve washed this brush three times since I’ve owned it and I’m impressed so far. I experienced no shedding or bleeding while washing the brush. I’ve actually noticed very little shedding overall with this brush! Very nice!

The brush takes a little time to try because of the density but it’s no big deal. It retained its natural shape after each wash without the aid of a brush roll or sleeve.

Unlike a couple other Elf brushes I picked up (which will get slammed later!!) the ferrule has NOT fallen off……yet. I’ve had it for about a month and its still holding up fairly well so I’m hoping I won’t encounter that ugly problem. I’d definitely recommend though! You can’t go wrong for 3 bucks!


4 Thoughts to “ELF Studio Blush Brush Review”

  1. I have this brush and it’s so much better than other ELF brushes that I’ve purchased. So glad they are using different fibers.. my “vintage” ELF brushes are so hard and feel awful!

    1. I love this brush!! I don’t know why the others aren’t as good

  2. thanks.very good blog and very good share.

    1. No problem! Glad you enjoyed it!

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