Jordana Kohl Kajal Lip Liner Review & Swatches

Every good makeup product needs a good base right? Well these liners provide a pretty solid base for whatever lippie you throw at it! Even balms!


These beauties are long, lean and sport small gold caps on the ends and long clear, plastic covers on the tips.

I really love how long these pencils are! I do have a thing for retractable liners but these pencils are so long you can sharpen your heart away and still have plenty pencil left!

The only downside to the packaging is the gold caps. They sometimes get stuck in the plastic tops which, annoyingly, won’t always come out. I actually had to trash a pencil because I could no longer put the top back on it.

But no biggie! They’re pretty cheap and I had another anyway. I snagged these off ebay for about $6 (including shipping!) for 5 randomly selected shades. I actually like what I was given!

These pencils are pretty pigmented but not very drying! I tried one on out top of a balm and my lips still felt nice and hydrated after a few hours. The lasting power is also pretty impressive for a cheap liner! These last around 6 hours alone and after they wear they leave behind a pretty nice stain that’s actually a little hard to get rid of!

What I like the most about these pencils are how smoothly they apply and how they add dimension! Whether applied under or on top of a balm or gloss these glide across my lips no problem! They also help tame my more brighter lippies and make them more wearable during the day.

Although these pencils aren’t drying, they aren’t creamy or hydrating enough to use alone. They also tend to settle into fine lines and cracks as they start to fade. So to wear these alone, I always make sure to pair it with a moisturizing balm or gloss.

These liners aren’t perfect, but were a great first start! They worked pretty well for me and I love using them!

Check out the swatches!

Without flash:


With flash:


From left to right: Coffee, Classic Bronze, Burgandy, Maroon, Wine

I definitely would recommend these if you’re just starting out with liners!


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  1. Great post! I dont really use lip liners, only for red lip sticks…but these seem like a good buy. I followed your blog for more posts! I just started my own blog, it be great if you could check it out!

    Tiny T

    1. I’m definitely going to check out your page! Welcome and thank you!

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