Memoirs of a Spring Break

With midterm season comes stress, uncertainty, studying and then………SPRING BREAK!!! WOOOOO! This year’s spring break was very much needed! My web coding class had been kicking my ass! The plan was originally to fly out to Myrtle Beach and enjoy sun and fun on the beach but my bestfriend still hadn’t received her check.

So we waited. And waited.

Eventually, the tickets got SKY HIGH and totally out of budget. But staying home was not an option!I didn’t finish 6 coding assignments before break to stare at her and our apartment for the next 7 days. No way! We needed a plan and we needed one fast!

So we considered taking a road trip to Atlanta! My other bestfriend recently moved there in December so we had a place to stay and since she was back at home we had another driver too! My dad (the sweetest man you’d ever find wrapped around my finger!) kindly decided to let my friends and me take his truck on the road to keep costs down. So away we went!

Check out some of the pics I snapped!

Some rock formations on the side of the highway in Tennessee.

The rest of my trip was spent in restaurants and on the night scene with drinks in hand and camera hidden from myself! I really enjoyed Atlanta though! I can’t wait to return!

2 Thoughts to “Memoirs of a Spring Break”

  1. Enjoy Spring break!! When you graduate you’ll be praying for a week off! lol Atlanta is always fun. I spent New Years Eve there and had a blast!

    1. I know right! Sadly, that may have been the last spring break. I can’t wait to go back though! I know New Years Eve in Atlanta is probably CRAZY!

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