Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 23

The only thing I love more about this show than the stunning secrets and spine tingling suspense is the fashion! These little liars aren’t just pretty but fabulously dressed too! Every episode I’m continuously wowed by these stylish high schoolers. My, how I wish my closet was this nice back in high school!

Usually, I’m a total sucker for whatever Aria or Spencer is wearing but this episode Hanna and Mona really shined! I couldn’t take my eyes off these winning looks!



The episode opens with Hanna looking stylish as ever in a long, flowing sheer fucshia maxi dress paired with a black tank and shorts underneath, wide black waist belt, a long black necklace, and a gorgeous mod black and white blazer. She topped the look off with a green leather bag.

The blazer really pulled this look together! I love the thick, bold white stripes along the sides and arms! I would have never thought to pair that dress and blazer together but it works very well for Hannna! She nailed this wardrobe decision!

Next up, Hanna commanded my attention with her fire hot red blazer, black top, edgy black tights and pair of cream cuffed shorts. I LOVE this look on her! I like that blazers are really being pushed into her wardrobe. They’re really hot this season!


Mona looks like a knock out in this fabulous black train button up top, blue and yellow tribal leggings and a blue waist belt with a big gold statement buckle! I love how she wore her hair in a bun and kept accessories to a minimum. The train top, tribal print and belt are all very bold pieces and I don’t think they needed any dressing up. This look was perfect! Loved it!

Pretty Little Liars is another one of my guilty pleasures! It’ll truly be a bummer not tuning in to these stylish cuties anymore when the show ends.