Elf Studio Stippling Brush Review


When I first started applying makeup, a duo fibre brush was the first brush I couldn’t wait to get my hands on! I didn’t want to splurge back then so I snatched up the Elf Studio Stippling brush! I must say this brush was a pretty good investment!


Like the other Studio line brushes this brush features a long chic black handle with the company name imprinted on it in white. The bristles are very soft and applies cream, liquids and powders like a dream! You wouldn’t believe this brush is synthetic (and cruelty free!) by touching it. I’ve washed this brush countless times and I haven’t experienced any shedding or bleeding. So it’s pretty good quality! Especially for 3 bucks!


I love everything about this brush except that it’s not very dense. I initially purchased this brush in hopes of the perfect airbrush finish foundation application. The results weren’t at all bad but it wasn’t what I was expecting. I watched a bunch of tutorials on YouTube before lemming for this brush so when I finally tried it out I knew something wasn’t right. The brush wasn’t super lush and dense like the Mac and Sigma brushes the gurus use!


The brush isn’t anorexic but I don’t think it’s dense enough for those used to thicker, better quality duo fibre brushes. But don’t count this little beauty out it! It is still my favorite brush…….but for blushes! It’s not dense enough for foundation but perfect for blush! This brush picks up and blends pigments perfectly! It’s a staple in my routine when I’m using a super pigmented blush and just want a soft touch. This brush applies both cream and powder blushes smoothly and easily. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it!

The only thing I don’t like about this brush is also the one thing that makes it amazing so I really can’t knock Elf here. I can say though that Elf definitely needs to work on quality control though. This brush hasn’t fallen apart but after a few months the ferrule is a little loose. Still an excellent brush at an wallet friendly price though! Definitely recommend!


2 Thoughts to “Elf Studio Stippling Brush Review”

  1. So how exactly are you suppose to use this brush? I’m new into the whole “bush world” haha for years I’ve only ever used a powder brush and a blush brush and I’ve been buying more brushes lately and have not heard of this one

    1. People use these kind of brushes mostly for foundation and blush. Like most brushes, stippling brushes vary in brush size and density. I think the smaller/less dense ones are great for buffing in powder and cream blushes. The larger brushes works WONDERS with any type of foundation!

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