Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Passionate Pink Swatch

Everyone is going crazy for the Barbie pink pout (myself included) but the shade also looks fabulous on your nails! Plus it’s perfect for spring!


Revlon has a gorgeous line of nail polishes out that apply super smoothly and opaque! The polish shows up fairly well in just one swipe! For this look, I used two swipes and a fast dry top coat.

Review coming soon!

17 Thoughts to “Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Passionate Pink Swatch”

  1. Whoa, this is so pretty! Definitely a very spring color! Looks lovely on you too!

    1. Thanks! I was surprised at the quality of the polish! It looks like it may be a winner!

  2. Pretty pink nail polish and I love the stiletto nails on u 🙂

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  4. Your nails are the epitome of feminine. I love them!!!

    1. Thank you! I love them!

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    1. Thanks! I think its sooo cute!

  6. That is such an amazing color, really looks good on ur complexsion.

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