Sedona Lace Synthetic Blender EB13 Brush Review

Have you ever loved a brush so much it hurts? That’s how I feel about this one! Sedona Lace really have a winner on their hands!


This Synthetic Blender brush really impressed me! I received it for free during a promotion and I couldn’t be happier! It’s great for both eyeshadow and concealer. Plus it’s perfect for contouring your nose!


This wonder brush features a long, slim black handle with a silver ferrule and silver imprinting. The synthetic hairs were sort of a cream color when I first received it but of course they didn’t remain that way over time.


But those bristles are so soft and dense I quickly got over it! I’ve been using this brush for a few months and have washed it countless times and I still haven’t experienced any shedding and the brush is still as soft as it was when I first received it. You would think it would be too soft for precise application but the bristles are so tightly packed the brush has a little stiffness. Not too stiff either! Just the perfect amount to allow you to reach small areas like the corners of your eyes and nose with ease.

I first fell in love with this brush for its eyeshadow blending abilities. It softens any harsh lines and blends colors beautifully. Then I discovered the beauty of shadow primers and bases and started using it to apply those too. Just recently I started trying my luck with highlighting and contouring and I’m reaching for this brush for this too! I just can’t get enough of this brush!

It was definitely a steal for free with a purchase of $25+ but it’s still a great deal regularly at $8.95! I must buy a couple more!


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  1. I have yet to try these! One can never have too many brushes!! <3

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