Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner Review


The only thing more important than painting my face is keeping my hair long, strong and healthy. And boy does this conditioner get the job done! Aubrey Organics is a green beauty line that offers amazing organic hair and skin products. I stumbled upon the brand when I got started with my healthy hair journey. I kept reading about the importance of deep conditioning (which is reeeeally important!!) and knew I had to find a nice, thick deep conditioner for my super dry and super thick locks. Honeysuckle Rose is definitely the right deep conditioner for me!


It’s about $10 for 11 ounces but it’s totally worth it! This conditioner is incredibly thick! Not like your average thick conditioners either. Its consistency is similar to that of a hydrating hair mask. Which is perfect because that’s exactly what this conditioner is! Although it’s super thick, it’s still super creamy and easy to apply and work with. It covers and penetrates my hair wonderfully! Plus it smells absolutely delicious!


This conditioner makes my hair feel luxuriously soft and moist! It’s filled with lots of natural goodies that replenishes moisture and protein into the hair shaft. It’s no surprise that this beauty works so well! The ingredients list is just amazing. Aubrey Organics wasn’t just messing around with the organic concept.

The instructions on the bottle tell you to use this on damp hair and leave it on ranging from a few minutes to 15 depending on how much conditioning you’re looking for. I personally like to use this mostly on dry hair mixed with castor oil, extra virgin olive oil and honey and leave it in my hair overnight. I wake up the next morning to super moist, incredibly soft locks. Even after I rinse it out my hair still feels amazing!

The only thing I don’t really like is the packaging. Because this conditioner is so thick I think it would have been better suited for a jar. It would be much easier to get out once the bottle is almost gone. Plus, the super thick formula sometimes gets caught in the cap and dries out making it almost impossible to use the squeeze top sometimes. But the conditioner is so amazing it really isn’t a big deal.

You can find this conditioner online or in stores at places like Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Whole Foods, etc. I definitely recommend!