Crashed with a Delinquent


It’s rare if I use my Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Stash often but I most certainly need to! I got a little bored watching my boyfriend edit videos so I decided to reach into my makeup pouch and see what I can get into. Of course, I ended up setting my sights on the super vibrant and lovely Crash and Delinquent shadow pencils. Very convenient to have considering I still don’t have a travel brush set yet! I used the gorgeous Turquoise Crash on my inner corner and half of lid and used the super cute bright purple Delinquent on the rest of the lid. I’m interested to see how these hold up as bases. They’re so vibrant!

2 Thoughts to “Crashed with a Delinquent”

  1. Oh my God, Fancieland is back. I prefer this blog style to the one there was these days.
    I can like again and again.

    I love turquoise so much, it’s the color I prefer and it fits you. Lovely!

  2. for a pencil the color looks great; I haven’t used urban in YEARS so I might have to revisit

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