A little while ago I noticed I had like $11 worth of EBay Bucks just lying around so I decided to grab a few things. I ordered a 10 pack of “natural quill flair” strip false lashes for about $2 including shipping! The luscious beauties shipped from Hong Kong but arrived within less than 2 weeks. Not too bad!


The lashes are really light, long and wispy but I really like them. After about a month of letting them sit in my terribly unorganized makeup stash I finally remembered to pick up some lash adhesive. I was really looking forward to testing them out! I haven’t worn strips since high school so I couldn’t wait to see how things would turn out.


They came out pretty nicely! The band was a little stiff but I think I could get it bend more over time. I really like the long sexy effect they give. They’re totally gorgeous!

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