Revlon Colorstay Longwear Enamel & Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

For the past two weeks I’ve been seeing pink! On my nails that is! I fell in love with the Revlon Colorstay polish in Passionate Pink the second I laid eyes on it! I loved it so much I wiped off my old polish and swatched it the second I got home! I loved the way it looked on me so I decided to pair it with the Animal Instincts Sally Hansen Salon Effects I picked up for my next manicure!


And after two weeks I’m still loving them both! I’m pretty impressed how the two held up after such a long time! I did use a top coat but I was still expecting a bit more chipping and for Animal Instincts to go flying off within a week but they held their ground!


First, I’d like to sing the praises of Revlon’s wonderful Colorstay polish! This stuff is pretty amazing! This polish comes in the most perfect bubblegum pink color and has the perfect consistency! It’s not too thick and definitely not too thin! The polish applies very smoothly¬† and pretty evenly when applied in thin coats. It is extremely opaque in just ONE swipe! Even though I used a top coat I still think this polish would hold up pretty well on its own too! I get similar results with this polish as I would when a tech would polish my nails using an OPI polish! So it seems to be of pretty good quality! I did experience a bit of chipping along the tips but it was nothing too bad and to be expected with all the daily keyboarding I do. I definitely reccomend! 10/10


Ok, now on to the Salon Effects! Of course I fell in love with Animal Instinct! It’s both animal print and pink! My favorites! I wasn’t too sure how I’d like these after I first applied them though. The application wasn’t exactly difficult per se but it definitely wasn’t so easy a caveman could do it (if that makes sense LOL). I had a little trouble filing away the ends and once I finally got them off I had a bit of lifting on both nails. Grrr! I was a little irritated by this so I grabbed my OPI top coat and started securing those edges the best way I seen fit. And it worked! So these weren’t a total disappointment! As you can see these held up fairly well too! Much longer than I thought they would! For that reason alone, I’d recommend, as long as you wear a top coat! I would probably purchase these again depending on how the next round goes. Wish me luck! 7/10

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  1. I definitely know what you mean with the application, I’ve read similar stories in other reviews. I think, for me, these are just too much work! I still love the Kiss Nail Dress for the type of lightweight material and the ease of application.

    1. I want to try those! Maybe I’ll have better luck!

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