30 Day Makeup Challenge

I’ve been seeing this floating around the interwebs for quite some time and I just had to jump right in! The challenge obviously lasts for 30 days and for each day you do a different makeup related challenge.

Here’s the list:

Day 1: A total inventory of all the makeup and makeup tools you own

Day 2: A picture of your daily makeup

Day 3: Your weird makeup tips and secrets

Day 4: A picture of you with your favorite single eye shadow

Day 5: A picture with three different color eye shadows

Day 6: A picture of animal print eyeshadow

Day 7: Your favorite nail polish

Day 8: Makeup that shows off your eye color

Day 9: The newest makeup/tool that you bought

Day 10: Makeup inspired by a celebrity

Day 11: Where do you buy your makeup?

Day 12: Glitter, lots of it!

Day 13: The most creative thing you can do with makeup

Day 14: Eyeliner, Eyeliner, and more EYELINER!

Day 15: Your most natural makeup

Day 16: A “Barbie” inspired makeup

Day 17: Your sexy smoky eye

Day 18: Where do you keep your makeup?

Day 19: A picture of your favorite makeup style

Day 20: Do you wear makeup every day?

Day 21: Makeup for a night out at the club

Day 22: What’s your favorite makeup brand?

Day 23: Makeup inspired by a flower

Day 24: Your favorite perfume

Day 25: Where do you get makeup tips?

Day 26: Favorite makeup remover

Day 27: Makeup you want

Day 28: Edgy makeup look

Day 29: Your favorites of the makeup you own

Day 30: A picture of yourself without makeup on. NONE!

I’m very excited to get started. Stay tuned!

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