Birchbox Fave: FusionBeauty LipFusion Balm Review


It’s no secret my May Birchbox wasn’t that great but out of it came a great gem! I received a full size FusionBeauty LipFusion balm in clear. I’ve been using this since I got my hands on it. No surprise it quickly landed a spot in my May favorites!


This lovely balm comes in a slightly chubby metal tube with a swivel off top. You also swivel the tube to push the balm out as you would a lipstick. Very classy FusionBeauty! I love the packaging because it’s totally different from what you’d expect from a balm and it’s super easy to spot this shiny thing in my bag.

This is supposedly a plumping balm but I’m not too sure about that considering I have naturally plump lips. But I do love the formula! It has a slight tingling feeling (the plumping part I suppose) and goes on super smooth. It leaves my lips feeling soft and supple for hours. The wear time is pretty nice as well! It lasts a couple hours with drinking and eating but it lasts a fairly long time when you’re not. So it’s perfect for keeping your lips looking kissable during long days at work. I even wear it under my lipsticks for a subtle sheen too!

I will be honest and say $22 is a little much for a balm but I do think it may be worth it for those who want the plumping (if it actually works). Would I purchase it? Maybe. I don’t need the plumping action and I’m sure I can find an equally nice balm. If I can’t find a cheaper alternative then I’ll probably get it. It was definitely a treat to have!