How to Clean Your Brushes with Homemade Cleanser

Cleaning your brushes can definitely be a chore.  I hate to say it but I don’t wash my brushes that often.  Super gross.  I know.  But it can really take some time to wash out all the foundation and concealer from my brushes.  So when I read that I could use some vinegar, olive oil, and water to super clean my brushes super quickly I decided to take a break from the regular shampoo and conditioner routine and give this a go.  It actually turned out pretty well!
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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar (plain or apple cider)
  • Water
  • Bowl or cup
  • Dirty brushes (of course)

1.  Mix two parts water, one part apple cider vinegar and half a part of olive oil.  I didn’t   really measure anything here so to be more specific, I filled the bowl about halfway with lukewarm water, poured in one cap full of apple cider vinegar and then added half a cap full of olive oil.  It’s important not to put too much olive oil in your mixture.  You’ll be forever  trying to wash out loads of olive oil.  That stuff is pretty thick! You want just enough to easily slide the foundation, concealer and blush gunk out of your brushes.

2.  Once you’ve gotten everything mixed the cleaning begins! Swivel your brush into the mixture and watch all the dirt and makeup gunk slide right out! My brushes were pretty filthy so it took  a couple rounds in the bowl to really get my brushes spotless.  In between your cleaning be sure to check the bristles for any leftover makeup!

3.   After getting all of the gunk out of your brushes rinse your brush in lukewarm water.  I like  to swivel the bristles around in my palm while I’m rinsing my brushes. When you’re done rinsing your brushes lie them down on a flat across a towel and let them air dry.  Once dry enjoy your freshly clean brushes!