Sally Hansen Salon Effects Animal Instinct Revisited


So I got a little bored and decided to try my Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Animal Instinct again since I only dabbled with two fingers. I started off with the box I picked up a little while ago but ended up running out after coming across a few stickers that wouldn’t stick. Thank goodness for the additional box of these I was sent by Influenster in my free Spring Vox Box! I reviewed these before but I don’t mind recapping a bit. The Salon Effects stickers are very easy to use and last fairly long for me (about a week before chipping). They’re easy to remove too! I love how quick and convenient they are and how there are a ton of designs to choose from. I mentioned having some issues filing off the excess in my last review and I still experienced the same problem. I did, however, find that things go much more smoothly when you gather all the excess together and then file it away. Overall, these are a pretty a good treat for your nails!