Grow Your Lashes and Brows Naturally!


For years women have been pouring castor oil onto their luscious locks for it’s excellent healthy hair growth properties. Castor oil has been proven to promote healthier and thicker hair growth so it’s no surprise beauties started putting the wonder oil on their brows and lashes too! I’ve been using castor oil on my lashes and brows for the past couple of months and I definitely can spot the difference! My brows have gotten slightly longer and much thicker. I’ve always had barely there brows and now I know how to effectively grow them out! It works so well my mom has even taken notice. She was shocked by how much fuller my brows had gotten so quickly. I also noticed a dramatic change in my lashes. I’ve been wearing individual lash extensions for a few years now and when I remove them I end up taking off some of my natural lashes as well. After a while, this left my lashes a bit sparse and very short. My lashes have gotten considerably thicker and much longer since I’ve laid off the lash extensions and got on the castor oil train. If you don’t believe me ┬átry it for yourself! Your brows and lashes will certainly thank you for it!