Length Check and Hair Regimen


Hello ladies! It’s been a little while since I’ve made a hair post but I’m back to share my recent length check and regimen. It has been extremely hot here in Michigan so I haven’t been wearing my hair out or using heat much but I was interested in doing a quick flat iron to see how my hair journey was coming along. I’m super elated to have finally hit bra strap length again after so many years of being stuck around shoulder length. The journey wasn’t easy but it wasn’t difficult either. Retaining length is something everyone can do! All you need to get started is a nice regimen. Here’s how I care for my hair:

  • Wash with sulfate free shampoo once a week
  • Deep condition with either a moisturizing or protein conditioner (alternate each wash), olive oil, castor oil and honey weekly
  • Moisturize and seal with olive oil and castor oil nightly

It’s pretty simple but it really works! Along with my regimen, I also like to protective style, cowash, air dry and sometimes wear extensions. All of this has turned my hair around greatly in as little as one year. Not only did my hair go from shoulder length to bra strap length but it’s also much more softer, manageable and most importantly, healthier! I’m hoping that my regimen will continue to bring great results and push me to waist length by the end of next year. Fingers crossed! Do you have a hair regimen or goal? Feel free to share below!

One Thought to “Length Check and Hair Regimen”

  1. Tabitha

    My newest goal is to not cut my hair again. I’m bra strap for the millionth time after being waist length then cutting to APL. I’m scissor happy 🙂

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