My Deep Conditioning Routine


The best way to keep your hair healthy is to keep it moisturized. There’s plenty of ways to infuse moisture into your dry strands but the easiest and most effective way is through deep conditioning sessions. All you need is a little conditioner and time and your hair will feel luxuriously soft and plenty moist!

Some people think that applying conditioner just after you shampoo is enough but it’s not. Shampoo, brushes and even the wind outside can make your hair dry and brittle. Sometimes your hair needs that extra conditioning to keep those ends in shape. Luckily deep conditioning is very easy! It’s so simple I’m able to do it weekly with no problems.

I start off by separating my hair into several sections and then spritzing with a water and honey mixture to make my hair a bit damp. Then I mix my conditioner (either moisturizing or protein), olive oil, castor oil and a little bit more honey and apply it to each section focusing on the ends and working my way up to the roots. With this method I’m able to coat every strand and make sure my ends are getting enough moisture. When I’m done I usually cover with a shower cap and scarf and let it soak in overnight but you can definitely get away with 30 minutes or less. After rinsing the mixture out my hair feels super soft and moist until my next session. I just love it! Do any of you ladies deep condition often? What’s your routine?

2 Thoughts to “My Deep Conditioning Routine”

  1. TT

    Thanx for sharing. I’m going to use ur regimen when I condition my hair from now on.

    1. fancie

      Thanks for reading! I hope everything works out well for you! Be sure to let me know how you’ve been progressing ^_^

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