My First Photoshoot Gig!


Ok let me start off by saying that I am by no means a makeup artist.  Makeup is just something I love and have a divine passion for.  It’s the main reason why I started this blog!  So when I was asked to do makeup for an upcoming photo shoot I was elated!  My boyfriend is a photographer (and friggin superman!!) and he’s been working with a beautiful young lady named Teya to launch her site for her accessory line.  He recommended my services for the next shoot and the rest was history!


When we got on location I really surprised myself.  I thought I’d be full of nerves and butterflies but I was actually pretty calm and reserved.  I’ve never really painted another canvas besides my own but I knew it was important to have confidence in my skills.  I kept telling myself hours before the shoot, “This is something you’ve done on yourself THOUSANDS of times before.”  Once we got there I just took a deep breath and started creating my look.  One brush stroke after another.



The shoot was Fourth of July themed for her new holiday inspired pieces so I decided to go with a cool silver and blue look.  Her denim jacket and jewelry was just stunning and I wanted her makeup to look just as great but not overpower all the statement pieces she was already wearing.  Because this look was so simple I didn’t really use too many products.  I used my Urban Decay Naked palette for most of the look.  I used Naked as the brow bone highlight and Gunmetal in the inner corner and most of the lid.  I smoked out the look a bit with a cool navy blue shadow from my NYX Soho Glam Collection palette.  I knew Teya wasn’t much into makeup and her lashes are seriously long and lush. So jealous!! I ended up just topping off the look with a couple coats of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara.



Here’s how the look turned out before I finished cleaning up and blending.  Overall, I had an amazing shoot.  It was an awesome experience.  I learned so much in such little time.  She absolutely loved the look and was inquiring for business cards for future shoots! I can’t wait to keep practicing more and building my kit.  I can really see myself doing this for a living! From this experience I’ve gained an even greater sense of respect, admiration and inspiration from you makeup artists out here.  It wasn’t too easy but I had a blast.  Be sure to check out the winning shot and some of Miss Teya’s lovely pieces here on her site!! Also if you need any graphic design, photography or video needs check out my boyfriend Myles Rowe! His work is absolutely amazing! You can see more here.