My Must Have Brushes!


I’m no makeup artist but like most ladies addicted to makeup I have like a ton of brushes (LOL). I’ll admit I have a few I don’t really use or need but I also have some pretty important gems in my collection that I just can’t live without too! These brushes make my routine so super simple.


I’m still pretty fresh with this makeup thing so my brush collection is more low end and budget friendly. However, I couldn’t be more happy with these brushes and I just had to sing their praises to you guys. Yes. They’re really that great!

From left to right:

    • Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Multipurpose Brush: I love using this brush to apply my foundation and sometimes to blend out my concealer too! It’s very soft and super dense. I love how the small shape allows me to get in hard to cover areas also. You can check out my full review here
    • Elf Studio Stipple Brush: I wouldn’t really use this to stipple on foundation like it’s intended for but this brush is perfect for applying blush! I love to use this brush for my super pigmented blushes that need to applied with a light touch. I have a full review in this brush that you can read here
    • Elf Essential Concealer Brush: This was my first concealer brush and most definitely one of my favorites! The synthetic bristles make it a breeze to use with powders, creams and liquids and they’re pretty firm too. I used to love using this for my brows!
    • Elf Studio Concealer Brush: This is the reason I’ve been neglecting my Elf essential concealer brush. I like the size a lot better for concealing my brow area. It also makes blending a dream and super quick!
    • Elf Studio Small Angled Brush: This brush is another great multitasker. It works very well to conceal my brow area but it also makes an excellent eyeliner brush. This brush has helped me create effortless cat eyes!
    • Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush: I haven’t had this brush for long but I loooooove it! It’s so soft and dense and I love the way it blends out shadows. I also used it to contour my cheekbones recently and it worked like a charm! I’m considering buying another lol
    • Sedona Lace Synthetic Blender: This is my all time favorite brush. I can’t rave about it enough! It’s great for eyeshadow blending, contouring, highlighting, concealer, EVERYTHING! I certainly need more. Check out my full review
    • Elf Studio Contour Brush: I’ve been having a pretty difficult time finding a nice crease brush but I think I’ve found it! This brush blends eyeshadow very well and it applies color to the crease beautifully!
    • Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush: The name of this brush couldn’t be more perfect! It makes an excellent base shadow brush! I love how fluffy it is and how it has a pointed tip. I can squeeze into my inner corners no problem with this brush!
    • Elf Studio Blush Brush: This is another really great blush brush! What I love the most about it is its size and pointed tip. This brush allows for perfect blush placement every time
    • Elf Studio Fan Brush: This brush works pretty well at dusting away eyeshadow but I prefer to use it for highlighting. It’s perfect for hitting my cheekbones and T-zone! It deposits the perfect amount of product every time!

    What are some of your essential brushes ladies?