Super Quick Lip Exfoliation Routine


The secret to soft lips isn’t just a super lush lip balm or vaseline.  You have to exfoliate too! There are tons of different ways that you can exfoliate your kissers. You could pick up a nice lip scrub somewhere or mix one up at home but what happens when you don’t have your scrub or the ingredients to make one? Do you go out with dry skin covering those beautiful lips? Absolutely not! After you get done washing your face take your warm wash rag and gentle rub all the dead skin from your lips. It’s quick, easy and you don’t need anything outside of your normal morning routine! No mixing or cabinet searching needed! I did it this morning and it worked fantastically! My lips felt just as great as they do after using a homemade scrub. You should add it to your morning routine and see how great your lips will feel afterwards. Don’t forget to follow up with a good moisturizing balm when you’re done to protect that new, fresh layer of lips!