EOS Lemon Drop Balm Review

If wasn’t for being blog and Youtube obsessed I probably wouldn’t know anything about this balm but I’m so glad I do! Does it look weird? Yes. Does it work well? Absolutely! EOS is a green friendly brand you can find at most drugstores and superstores and it’s fairly cheap. I was drawn into trying this balm because it’s made with all natural ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. A refreshing change from all my chemical ridden lippies. So I decided to grab one from CVS one day! I paid about $3 for it so it’s pretty cheap and the size isn’t too small so I think it should last me a little while.

I just love the packaging of this balm! It’s not the typical boring tube type of balm. It comes in a little egg shaped container and there’s no swiveling. You just unscrew and apply. ┬áIt’s really convenient because there’s no extra fumbling once you remove the cap. Plus, the unique shape makes this balm super easy to find in any cluttered bag. It’s also very sturdy. I’ve dropped this a million times with no problems. As long as you be sure to screw the cap all the way on you should be go to!

The formula doesn’t disappoint either! First off, this balm smells absolutely heavenly. It has a wonderful sweet lemon scent that lingers for a little bit. I wish it stayed longer because it honestly smells delicious. I find this balm pretty moisturizing. I love how soft my lips feel with it on and once it’s worn off. However, this balm doesn’t have much staying power. It’s not at all thick like other balms so it only lasts around 2-3 hours for me but I don’t mind reapplying because it smells so good! Definitely a good buy!

Here’s my final thoughts:


  • affordable
  • easy to find
  • moisturizing
  • unique packaging
  • smells great


  • doesn’t last long


i can’t really think of too many bad things to say about this balm because it really is great! I think every makeup junkie should have one of these in her bag. It’s perfect to wear alone and even better to wear under lipsticks. For just $3 you can’t afford to miss out on this!



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