My Afternoon with Julep..

A little while back I scored an incredibly nice box from Julep Maven for just a penny! After taking the style profile quiz I ended up receiving the Bombshell box. Included in my box was a fiery bright orange polish, super glittery gold polish and Julep’s Best Pedi Cream Ever. I finally swiped them on and I am sooo in love!!


So far I’ve used everything in the box except for the pedi cream. So far I’m very impressed! I thought Natasha (the gorgeous coral orange) looked nice in the bottle but it looks absolutely beautiful on! But the obvious show stealer here is Oscar! This gorgeous gold glitter top coat is just stunning on. What I like the most about it is that it’s very dense. It didn’t take too many coats before my nail was covered.

I really liked the formula on these two. They were a little thick but it definitely worked for me because Natasha was very opaque and Oscar was pretty dense. You could get away with one swipe using these two. I find that they dry pretty quickly. Especially to be a bit on the thick side. I didn’t experience much chipping either. These stayed on my toes for a little over a week before I seen any chipping. I think if you’re into nail polish you should definitely check out Julep Maven! The boxes are regularly $20 a month but I think it’s worth it. The polishes seem to be really great quality. I’m curious to try more!

4 Thoughts to “My Afternoon with Julep..”

  1. I am so jealous of how long your nails are–I wish I could keep mine like that, but they’d give me weird looks at work. x_x
    The colors are super pretty, too!

    1. fancie

      Thank you! I love wearing my nails long. I don’t really like them short >.<

  2. Carla J. Norris

    I no longer buy MAC, but I have a huge collection of MAC products that I bought previously, and I do love their lipsticks.
    Illamasqua lipsticks are also great, though they’re not exactly what one would call “creamy.” I also like the one Lime Crime lipstick (Poisonberry) that I’ve obtained, though I’ve heard that the quality of those can be hit-or-miss.
    Clarins is next on my “radar,” though their shade selection is not great.

    1. fancie

      I’ve been wanting to try some Lime Crime lippies for a while now. I’ve heard some pretty nice reviews about them. Plus I love the unicorn packaging! I’m not too much of a fan of Clarins color range either. It’s very boring lol. I do want to try Illamasqua! I’ve heard the lipsticks are a bit drying but the color selection is too good to pass up lol. I definitely think it’s worth a try! Thanks for the suggestions!

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