Nars Foreplay Cheek Palette Swatches & Review

I was so mad that I missed out on the Nars Joie de Voire limited edition cheek palette at Nordstrom back in July! Lucky for me Sephora also received a limited edition cheek palette from Nars called Foreplay. Rather than the usual 6 pan design this palette has only 4 pans and includes just 3 blushes and a highlighter. I still want one with a bronzer but there was no way I could pass up this beauty!

Like most of Nars’ packaging this palette comes in the usual matte black rubberized casing. I love how sleek and elegant Nars packaging looks but I hate how messy it can get. I do love the size of this palette though. It’s small enough for travel and feels pretty light. Perfect cheek palette for vacations!

Pictures don’t even do this palette any justice. It’s even more beautiful in person! Like I mentioned earlier, this palette is small so the pans are pretty small too. But I still don’t have any problems digging my brush in there and there’s a nice amount of product. This palette features Orgasm, the company’s famed shimmery peachy pink blush in the forefront, two matte blushes and a highlighter. The matte blushes come in complimentary bright pink and peach shades and the highlighter is a really shimmery pale gold. Of course, all of these pans are spilling over with pigmentation and feel velvety smooth. Nars really knows cheeks! Check out the swatches!


    • nice size
    • pigmented
    • 3 universal blushes
    • universal highlighter
    • blends well
    • smooth texture


      • pricey
      • limited edition – only available at Sephora & it’s gone once sold out
      • pans are pretty small

      This palette is a little costly at $49 but for 3 Nars blushes and highlighter it isn’t at all bad deal. Everything is very pigmented so you’ll still get a lot of use out of the smaller pans. If you’re looking to grab this palette soon I’d try to hold off for a couple of weeks for the Friends & Family Sephora sale so you can get 20% off. Hopefully they’ll still be in stock!