Elf Flawless Concealer Brush Review

When Elf finally decided to release a blending brush for their awesome Studio line a couple of months ago I think I shed a tear. Finally!! I love my Sedona Lace synthetic blending brush but I was growing bored with it and wanted to try something new. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only girl waiting on this brush to arrive. It sold out incredibly fast and was out of stock for weeks. The second these were back in stock I ordered two. Thank goodness I did because this brush is AMAZING! Elf couldn’t have picked a better name for this brush!

Typical to the Elf Studio line, this brush has a long matte black handle, white lettering and a shiny black ferrule. The bristles are short, incredibly dense and super soft. It really amazes me how Elf makes these really soft brushes for so cheap. Using this brush every morning has been quite the treat!

When I finally got my hands on this beauty I was quite surprised by the size. I wasn’t expecting the brush head to be so big! Usually, blending brushes are pretty small but not too small. I find them to typically be big enough to blend out concealer but still small enough to blend eyeshadow as well. The Flawless Concealer Brush is definitely too big to blend out shadows but it works perfectly for concealer. Even though it’s a little big I don’t have any problem getting into small corners with it. I do wish it was smaller so I could use it for eyeshadow. That was actually the reason I purchased two.

I can’t complain too much about the size though because I find this brush works extremely well for contouring too! I’ve been using it with my Sleek contour kit (which is so amazing!) and I love how easily and quickly it blends my contour powder. The size is perfect for blending along the jawline, hollows of your cheekbones, nose and temples. Elf really hit it out the park with this one! Plus I’ve experienced very little shedding!


  • soft
  • dense
  • works well with creams, powders, liquids
  • great for contouring too
  • eco friendly
  • affordable
  • no smell or bleeding
  • very little shedding


  • may be a little big for smaller faces
  • can’t double as an eyeshadow brush

This is an excellent brush! Very cheap but really gear quality. I don’t think you’ll find a softer or more dense concealer brush. Especially not for $3! I totally recommend it! You may be able to find this at Target but if not you can always order it online here.

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