MAC Glamour Daze Collection (Pic Heavy)


If you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter then you’re probably aware of how crazy I’ve been going over the upcoming Glamour Daze collection for MAC. This will be the holiday collection of all collections! I was pretty disappointed with the Marilyn Monroe collection after seeing everything in person but this totally makes up for it! This collection is pretty large. There are some repromotes but they’re definitely welcomed though! We won’t be seeing this collection online or in stores until the 25th here but I have a ton of pics to share with you ladies!

The collection includes:

  • 8 Extra Dimension eyeshadows
  • 3 Fluidlines
  • 3 powder blushes
  • 1 mascara
  • 2 Extra Dimension Skinfinish compacts
  • 4 nail polishes
  • 5 lipsticks
  • 5 Lip Glasses
  • 4 Kohl eyeliner pencils

Freaking huge right?! Everything in the collection is limited edition except the False Lashes Black mascara which means this collection will sell out super fast. I’m sure a lot of items will be sold out before they even hit shelves. MAC stores and counters have been allowing ladies to pre-order their goodies for weeks now. When I stopped by my local MAC counter to place my order, the sales assistant kindly let me take a sneak peek at the display they were hiding behind the counter until the release. This collection is so much prettier in person than in pictures! I wanted to order just about everything!



I was most excited about the blushes and the Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighters in this collection. They looked perfect for me! I was able to pick out what I wanted immediately before I even got to see them in person.



The blushes will cost $22 and come in three shades:

  • Small Vanity: dusty tan rose
  • Easy Manner: soft peach
  • I’m the One: mid-tone blue pink

Out of the three blushes, I ended up ordering two of them. I picked Small Vanity because I was sure it would give a beautiful warm flush to ladies of color. I also went with I’m the One because I just love pink and I know this will look so pretty on!


The Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighters are repromotes from the Spring In Extra Dimension collection but I couldn’t be happier to see them return! I wasn’t too much into MAC a few months ago and I missed out on some pretty amazing highlighters. After seeing so many literally glowing swatches and reviews I was kicking myself for missing out. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one because MAC brought two of the most popular shades back! Glamour Daze will include:

  • Whisper of Guilt: light soft white gold with a shimmery sheen
  • Superb: soft peachy nude with shimmer

I’ll be honest. I totally wanted both of these! They’re both so beautiful that it was hard to choose between the two. But for $29 a piece I decided to only order Whisper of Guilt. I’m a sucker for shimmery gold highlighters because I love that gorgeous sheen they add to the cheeks.


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I also managed to snap some pictures of the lip glasses. Sorry I didn’t take any swatches of these ladies! I was so wrapped up in the blushes and highlighters that I rushed right over these. After giving them a second look over I’m damn glad I did too. These lip glasses are absolutely beautiful and cost $16.50 each. There are five shades which include:

  • Pink Fade: light creamy pink
  • Impossibly Sweet: sheer soft pink
  • Deliciously Demure: soft cool brown with pearl
  • Talk Softly to Me: creamy coral pink
  • Flight of Fancy: deep purple

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We’ve finally hit the lipsticks! Didn’t I tell you ladies this was a large collection?! I was pretty excited about the blushes and highlighters but I was simply ecstatic over the lipsticks! I just love lippies and who wouldn’t get giddy about limited edition MAC lipsticks right? This collection definitely brings in the holiday cheer with 5 beautiful shades.

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  • Glamourdaze: mid-tone creamy plum
  • Outrageously Fun: mid-tone magenta
  • Dramatic Encounter: deep purple
  • Beauty: pale cool pink
  • Innocence: soft coral

When I first started seeing pictures of this collection I only wanted Dramatic Encounter and Outrageously Fun because they’re absolutely perfect for fall! But once I seen these beauties in person I ended up adding Glamourdaze to my order as well. It looks like that perfect :my lips but better” lipstick for me. ┬áLuckily, these limited edition beauties only cost me $16.50 a piece.

It’s seriously killing me to wait until Thursday to pick up my new limited edition goodies! I have class all day but I’ll definitely be missing my first one to snatch up my goodies lol. I’m just too excited! Class happens every Tuesday and Thursday but MAC collections only happen once! If you haven’t stopped by your local MAC store or counter to pre-order your goodies from this collection then you need to get your butt there ASAP! After ordering my goodies the sales assistant told me I snatched up the last I’m the One blush they had. I’m positive this collection will probably sell out before the collection even hits stores. I’m glad that MAC’s collections always do so well but I wish they would work on their stock. If ladies are going to be able to pre-order weeks in advance then they really need to start considering having a pre-order stock and a shelf stock. It’s a little unfair to ladies who aren’t totally blog and makeup obsessed who walk into the store upon release to leave empty handed. But enough of my rant. Just take my advice and haul those pretty little cheeks to your MAC store before it’s too late!!

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  1. Man those lip glosses look SO PRETTY. Hahaha I’m such a lip gloss junkie.

    1. fancie

      You and me both lol. I was gonna pass up on these because I’m waiting for the lip glass sets but Pink Fade and Flight of Fancy are really tempting right now. Especially after I’ve been rocking my Viva Glam Nicki lip glass all day lol

  2. Fabulous post!! I need more MAC in my life!

    1. fancie

      Me too! I’m slowly trying to build up my collection!

  3. Super exciting collection. Dramatic encounter lipstick looks amazing!

    1. fancie

      It’s my favorite in the collection!

  4. Gorgeous!
    All I really want is the I’m the One blush though!

    1. fancie

      Me too! I love the color!

  5. Thank you for the swatches. I have a better understanding of how the colors will look on me.

    1. fancie

      No problem! Glad I could help (:

  6. Adilebkk

    Damn if I ever die and go to heaven, it’ll look like MAC)))

    1. fancie

      You and me both lmao

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