Kiss Ever Pro Falsies Review


I’ve already raved to you guys about the double pack I tried from Kiss a little while ago but now I’m back to sing the praises of these super lush falsies I received in my Beauty Blogger vox box from Influenster! I’m becoming quite the Kiss fan lately and for good reason. Their falsies are pretty awesome.


Like the double pack, this kit included that God awful applicator. I couldn’t toss that thing in the garbage quickly enough! Totally hate it! I’m not sure how this tool is supposed to make ¬†application easier when it’s so darn chunky and flimsy. The kit also included a small tube of Kiss lash adhesive. It’s not too bad but I still prefer my Duo adhesive. I did like the fact that it dried clear although it was white. I thought I would really like it because it didn’t take half as long as to get tacky as Duo does. Unfortunately, it took a bit more work to get it to stick. It’s not completely terrible though! I definitely think it’ll work if you’re in a pinch but I wouldn’t rely on it.

Now on the beautiful lashes! The band on these were a bit thicker than the ones that came in my double pack but it was still pretty thin and very easy to apply. And totally sturdy too! What I like the most about these fluttery beauties is that they’re so long and packed with volume. I just love them! Looking at them in the pack, I thought these would be a little too dramatic for daytime wear but they actually look really nice on. Definitely not too much. But I think they’ll still look great for those sexy nighttime looks! Check them out!

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DISCLAIMER: This product was given to me for testing purposes. However, my obligation is solely to my lovely readers! Everything expressed in this review is my honest opinion. I am not getting paid for this review. Thanks for reading!