Ardell Falsies 105 Review

You guys know I love me some lashes! Whenever I’m out and spot a nice pair I feel obligated to pick them up. It’s like second nature! One of my all time favorite falsies are the 120 style by Ardell (shame on me for not reviewing them yet!) so when I seen these at Walgreens I knew I had to have them! They’re very similar to my fave falsies except they have much less volume and seem to be more daytime appropriate.

These falsies may look a little intimidating in the pack because of the length but they look absolutely beautiful on! I think I found a new favorite pair of falsies! The length and look of these beauties are what I love the most. Even though they’re mile high they don’t look dramatic to me. I think it’s because they’re more wispy than thick and lush. Of course, no one will mistake these falsies for your natural lashes but they still have a natural look to them. I also love the band on this pair! It’s incredibly thin but still pretty sturdy. It’s very easy to mold into your eye shape and it’s undetectable against your lash line. Plus, the thin band makes these falsies super easy to apply! Take a peek at how they look applied!