Coastal Scents Black Friday Haul Part Two

It aint over baby! I did some damage for Black Friday! I showed you guys my first Coastal Scents haul and now I’m back with my second order of goodies! If you haven’t noticed I’ve become a bit brush obsessed. I’m definitely growing out of my makeup shell and I feel much more comfortable doing makeup for others now. So I’ve been gearing up for a bit to start freelancing soon. Plus, a girl can never have too many brushes right?? Don’t answer that.

I picked up a few more face brushes in this haul and another eye brush. Since I’ve been so into contouring lately I’ve been interested in experimenting with different cheek brushes. Here’s a run down on what I picked up:

  • Classic Large Tapered Powder Natural – I don’t typically use powder so I never thought much about snagging any powder brushes. Recently, I decided to haul the Ben Nye banana powder and knew I’d be needing a brush to apply it. This brush was a steal at just $4.50! It’s regularly $9 but even at full price I probably would still buy this brush. It feels incredible!
  • Destiny Kabuki on a Stick – I picked up two of these brushes because it was only $2 and it looked pretty similar to the Dome Contour brush that was included in my Sedona Lace Vortex set. I’m no psychic but I knew I’d love that brush before I even received it so I wanted some back ups. I’m very pleased to say this brush is a very nice dupe and extremely affordable even without the half off sale!
  • Classic Fan Natural – Once I got my hands on the jumbo fan brush in my Coastal Scents brush set I instantly fell in love! Fan brushes have sooo many uses. Especially when they’re this fluffy and dense! There was no way I couldn’t snag another one for just $2.50! Now I have one for all my needs!
  • Classic Blush Angle Small – As the name implies, it’s a small angled cheek blush that appears to be perfect for highlighting, blush and contouring for my small face! For only $2.50 I thought it was worth trying out.
  • Classic Blender Doefoot Natural – This brush was one of the eye brushes included in my Coastal Scents brush set and it’s definitely one of my favorites. It’s one of the best eye brushes I’ve ever used and totally worth picking up another! Especially for just $2!

For all of these brushes I paid just $20 including shipping! I don’t think I could have gotten a better deal for such excellent brushes anywhere else! Like my previous haul, all of these brushes are crazy soft and very dense. So far, I’m extremely pleased with Coastal Scents’ brushes! They’re quickly on their way to replacing Elf as my favorite budget friendly brushes. I totally recommend! Stay tuned for some reviews!

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  1. I love Coastal Scents! I just placed a massive order for my little sister’s christmas gifts!!

    1. fancie

      You’re the best big sister ever! Lol I wish someone would haul me a crap ton of makeup!

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