Fresh Sugar Kisses Balm Duo Review

I have been itching to get my hands on these balms for soo long! I missed picking them up around my birthday but luckily I was still able to snatch them up. I love lipsticks and glosses but balms will always hold a special place in my heart! Whenever a lippie is too drying or just isn’t moisturizing enough a nice balm will always save the day. I’ve seen a lot of ladies complaining about this balm duo but I like it! Check it out!

The biggest complaint about this duo is that the balms are super tiny and I agree. However, the formula is pretty moisturizing and very thick so I think these mini balms should last a fairly long time. I never finish lippies so the size of these didn’t disappoint me at all. I think ladies were so disappointed because Sephora usually gives out full size products for birthday gifts. I just got into makeup so I’m not at all familiar with the previous birthday gifts. However, I’m still pretty pleased with my birthday freebie!

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This duo is definitely a Fresh treat! You get a mini clear balm and rose tinted one. The tinted balm is a really nice color but my lips are pretty pigmented so it doesn’t really show up on me. But it’s no biggie! Both balms are extremely moisturizing and they wear pretty long as well. They last me around 3-4 hours and afterwards my lips still feel buttery soft. And they have a heavenly sweet lemon smell that’s very faint and not overpowering! These balms may be tiny but they pack a big punch!


3 Thoughts to “Fresh Sugar Kisses Balm Duo Review”

  1. I absolutely LOVE these glosses! (One of my fav products right now). Nice pick!

  2. Miranda

    As for Sephora birthday gifts, I’ve only gotten 2, but all of them were fairly small. I got one small sized Guava body butter and 1 box of 3 mini Sephora lipglosses in case you were curious. I never finish lippies either ha but I just ordered like 10 on elf!!! go figure.

    1. fancie

      LOL I’m the same way. I keep buying more lippies but I never finish them. I think I’ve only finished like one balm lol. I’m trying to finish a few lipsticks I use all the time

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