LA Girl Pro HD Concealer Swatches

After reading soo many nice reviews about the LA Girl Pro HD concealers I decided to bite the bullet and try it out. I heard about a site called Mizoutlet that sold them for just $2. I wasn’t sure which shade would work best for me so I ordered two. Lucky for me both shades look like they should work really well with my skin tone!

I decided to go with Toffee and Fawn which are both pretty similar. Both are warmer shades with yellow undertones but Fawn is a touch lighter and warmer. I’m very pleased with both shades and really glad I decided to order two! Toffee looks like the perfect shade to conceal my brows and create a really natural highlight. Fawn should really brighten my under eye area and add warmth to my face. Check them out!

From l-r: Toffee, Fawn

2 Thoughts to “LA Girl Pro HD Concealer Swatches”

  1. Diamonique

    Hey I wanted to purchase the LA Girls concealer and I have to do so online. We’re kind of the same color so im just gonna order the same colors as you. I was wondering, what MAC shade are you ? (Just for more accuracy). Thanks !

    1. fancie

      I don’t own any MAC foundations but judging from the pics I see of women online I’m around NW45. Hope this helps!

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