Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection Swatches

Last week, I received a holiday Beauty Insider gift card for $15 off my next $50 purchase which I used to haul this beautiful Lorac mega collection! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! Pictures don’t do this collection any justice. It is absolutely stunning! The packaging is probably the most creative I’ve ever seen.

Most holiday makeup collections and palettes are usually pretty nice but this one takes the cake! It comes in a big gold tin with a brown ribbon wrapped around it. Not only is the ribbon addition an adorable touch but it serves as a closure. At the end, it has a small magnetic clasp to keep all your goodies secure inside.

It flips open to reveal even more adorable packaging! There are 4 eyeshadow palettes, a cream eyeliner palette and a cream lip and cheek palette all in cute little candy bar packaging. Lorac has really outdone themselves with this one! You get everything you need to create a full face look in the most beautiful design ever. The only downside is that it may get a little annoying to flip through all of the palettes. But on the other hand, the palettes are pretty small and very slim so it’s much easier to travel with rather than a jumbo palette. Plus everything stays neat! I can’t express enough how much I hate cream products in eyeshadow palettes. It’s just a terrible messy idea.

The first eyeshadow palette in the bunch is called Oh La La Vanilla and is described as a nude palette. You get a cream highlight, soft gold lid and taupe and dark brown crease shadows. All of the shadows are pretty frosty with the exception of the taupe shade which is matte.

The second eyeshadow palette is golden themed and called Caramel Love Affair. I get that a girl can never have enough neutral shadows but this palette is eerily similar to Oh La La Vanilla. They’re practically identical! The only difference is the shadows are a touch darker and they’re all frosty. I’m not sure why Lorac didn’t choose a different color scheme for this palette. I still love the colors but I wish they would picked different shades.

Tantalizing Cocoa is my favorite of the bunch. It’s a rich bronze palette with some pretty flattering shadows. Included is a champagne highlight, golden lid and a bronze and reddish brown crease shade. I’m a sucker for browns and golds and this palette is just perfect for me!

Blackberry Truffle Seduction is another palette in the collection that I really like! It’s a beautiful smokey palette with a darker vibe than the rest of the eyeshadow palettes. You get a white highlight, purple lid and a deep gray and black crease shade. I love the color selection but I do wish Lorac would have made the black shadow matte.

Along with the eyeshadow palettes, Lorac included a nice berry themed lip and cheek cream palette called Indulge in Berry Kisses. There’s a peach, pink, mauve and berry colored cream inside. I’ll definitely be using these as blushes instead of lippies because the formula is a little dry. It feels very creamy in the pan but not creamy enough for my dry lips.

Last but certainly not least is the Mesmerizing Dark Chocolate cream eyeliner palette. I thought this was an incredibly nice addition to this collection. I just LOVE cream eyeliners because they’re so easy to apply and can be used on the lash and water line. There’s a navy, purple, deep brown and black liner inside. The color selection is just supreme! I love the bold navy and purple! I also love that the brown is so dark. Usually brown eyeliners are too light for darker women but this one is perfect!

I think for just $59 this collection is a steal! The eyeshadows are very pigmented and so velvety. The cream palettes are very creamy and the pigmentation is pretty darn good. The only drawbacks to this collection is that it only contains one matte shadow, two of the eyeshadow palettes are much too similar, and the lip and cheek creams are too drying for lip wear. If you don’t mind a ton of frosty neutral shadows this will definitely satisfy your makeup sweet tooth! Check out the swatches!

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  1. Wow.. this could easily be all you’d ever need!! 😀 x x

    1. fancie

      Most definitely! For what you get this collection is a steal!

  2. Looove the packaging!! And looove the Blackberry Truffle Seduction palette! 🙂

    1. fancie

      The packaging is just too cute!

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