Makeup Mania Haul

I ordered a few La Femme blush pans quite some time ago and totally fell in love! I knew I’d be ordering more eventually to fill up my half empty Z palette (which is an excellent investment btw!). I kept forgetting to order more until I kept seeing ladies rave about the iconic Ben Nye banana powder. I think I’m probably the last makeup junkie in the world to add this powder to my collection. Sooo many ladies love this stuff!

After doing a bit of research I discovered that Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist is a huge fan of Banana Powder! It’s no surprise this powder is such a huge deal! I actually love Kim Kardashian (please don’t stone me) because her hair and makeup is always FLAWLESS. Naturally, I had to grab a bottle for myself to see what the hype was all about! So I headed over to Makeup Mania and threw a 1.5 oz bottle in my cart. It was only $8 so I thought what the heck!

There was no way I could order from Makeup Mania without grabbing a few blush pans! I was in search of some new fall and winter blushes and I found the most perfect shades! At under $3 a pan I couldn’t help but to pick up 6 of them. They’re so incredibly pigmented and long lasting. I couldn’t resist this steal! I picked up (from l-r) Russet, Grape, Golden Sunset, Magenta, Indian Rose and Sienna. Stay tuned for swatches!