Sedona Lace Black Friday Haul

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I’ve been hauling my butt off this month but I totally feel like I deserve it! Between school and work I’ve been crazy stressed and makeup shopping makes me feel so much better! I went a little crazy for Black Friday but I saved so much more than I spent so it’s okay lol. I’ve been eyeing this Sedona Lace Vortex set for sooo long but kept hesitating to buy it because I didn’t want to shell out $80 for it. Don’t get me wrong this set is absolutely worth every penny but after rent, gas, bills and food it just wasn’t realistic for my budget. I decided to hold off until Black Friday rolled around and boy am I glad I did! Last year, Sedona Lace offered 25% off their entire site but this year they bumped it up to 50%! Half off those amazing looking brush sets?? Sign me up honey! I couldn’t get this set in my cart quick enough!

But before I start raving about these beautiful brushes let me tell you about the DRAMA surrounding the sale! Very similar to the Coastal Scents fiasco , Sedona Lace definitely had some issues during their sale. I can’t say I’m surprised or disappointed because they’re a small company who offered an AMAZING deal. Although they didn’t experience a huge site crash there were a couple of blips and they were totally unprepared. First, the company sent out a mass email to quite a few ladies (myself included) that the item(s) purchased were on back order until January. Yes January! Once Sedona Lace caught word of the email they made an update on their Facebook page that it was a false email and orders were still being shipped out. Lucky for me, I received a shipping confirmation a few days later! Unfortunately, the email proved to be true for some of the ladies who ordered the 7 piece Midnight Lace set. It was also slightly true for the ladies who received the email about the Vortex set but they came back in stock today and Sedona Lace will continue shipping them. The second problem was definitely a huge one for some ladies. Rather than shipping out products in the order they were received Sedona Lace chose to ship them according to location. This caused a major uproar on Facebook because some ladies who ordered when the sale first started still haven’t received their orders or shipping confirmations. So if you placed an order with Sedona Lace during the sale and haven’t received your order yet please be patient! Your order is on the way!

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Now on to the brushes! I was extremely anxious to get my hands on these and even after they’ve arrived I’m still bubbling with excitement. These brushes are incredibly soft and super dense! And they look beautiful! I was so happy when I seen the package on the table that I immediately ripped them open and snapped a pic of them fresh in the packaging lol. Shortly after, I rushed to the bathroom to give these beauties a good cleaning so I could start using them immediately. I was expecting a bit of shedding since they’re brand new but the shedding was very very minimal. These brushes are EXCELLENT quality! Included in this dream set is 4 face brushes, 8 eye brushes and a lip brush. The face brushes are to die for! I love them already! You get:

  • Jumbo Fan Brush FB01
  • Flat Top Buffer FB07
  • Tulip Contour FB03
  • Dome Contour FB05

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The eye and lip brushes were definitely amazing too! You get everything you need to complete a flawless full face look! They were equally as soft as the face brushes and majority of them are synthetic. Sedona Lace really knocked this set out of the park! Here’s a run down of what else is included:

  • Pointed Crease EB15
  • Synthetic Blender EB13
  • Universal Blender EB09
  • Bent Liner EB19
  • Detailed Shader EB21
  • Flat Synthetic EB11
  • Capped Lip Brush LB25
  • Angled Detail EB23
  • Brow Spoolie Duo EB17

All of these brushes are amazing but I was definitely the most excited for the jumbo fan, dome contour, tulip contour, brow spoolie and bent liner brushes. I was also pretty impressed that the lip brush came with a cap! I’ve never used a lip brush and I’ve always shied away from using lippies that you have to dig into because it just seems unsanitary to me. I’m definitely more willing to try one now because I have a neat little brush I can carry around in my purse. How cool is that? IF you were on the fence about purchasing this set you definitely need to hop on to the other side and snag it! I only paid $41 for the set but even at full price it’s still totally worth it! Head on over to Sedona Lace to grab yours today! Also, you can use ┬áthe code GLAMOURDOLL for $4 off your entire order!

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  1. I am so upset about this… I wanted these brushes so bad and this is the one site I didn’t hit up during black Friday!!!

    1. fancie

      I’m sooo sorry you missed the sale!! I knew I should have made a post =(

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