Sephora Holiday Haul Part Two

And the haul madness continues! For whatever odd reason I have 3 email accounts registered with Sephora. Turns out this was a good move because I was sent 3 $15 off holiday gift cards! I used one of them to haul the wonderful Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection and snag one of those seriously amazing (and free!) It Kits. I noticed I had two more so I went shopping around a bit for something else I might like.

I remembered how much I really wanted to try Benefit’s Pretty Committee Set so I threw it in my cart. I was still under $50 so I tossed in Coral my World as well. I never tried anything from Benefit but I’ve always heard great reviews and I just love their packaging so I thought these sets would be an awesome way to try them out! I was under the impression that I couldn’t combine the holiday gift cards but something told me to just give it a try. And by golly Batman it worked! I was able to get $30 off this order knocking these two sets to just $23 total! Plus free shipping! After the $45 in holiday gift cards from Sephora, $10 from an app called Wrapp (seriously check it out!) and another $10 from the amazing Viggle app I paid about $50 for both hauls! Not to mention I snagged another It Kit! This time I grabbed theĀ In the Glow one. If you haven’t noticed I’m a total happy camper right now!

2 Thoughts to “Sephora Holiday Haul Part Two”

  1. Joanna

    High Beam is one of my favorite product from benefit.

    1. fancie

      I wasn’t sure I would like it because it seems so cool but we’re pretty close in skin tone so I’m anxious to try it now. Thanks for commenting!

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