Duo Lash Adhesive Review

As you ladies know I’m a huge falsies addict! So it’s not a shocker that I just can’t live my life without Duo Lash Adhesive! I’ve been using this lash glue for years now and I’m pretty pleased with the formula. It’s not perfect but it’s still one of the best lash adhesives on the market!

Duo Lash Adhesive can be purchased at drugstores, super stores and beauty stores (including Ulta and Sephora) for $7-8 in either clear or black. Considering how tiny the tube is it may seem a little pricey but it’s actually pretty affordable because one tube can last you months. It took maybe 5-6 months of almost daily application to use an entire tube. Even then, I still had a small amount left for a few more applications. A little of this adhesive goes quite a long way!

I love that the formula is thicker than most adhesives because it really helps with application and wear. I have no problem binding thin or thick bands. It’s also waterproof so it holds up fairly well even with my watery eyes. The packaging also makes application a breeze. The small tapered applicator is great for precise placement. I can place glue on the thinnest of falsies band with no issues at all.

Although it’s one of the better formulas it isn’t flawless. Because it’s so thick it takes considerably longer than other adhesives to get tacky enough for a secure application. Duo also doesn’t hold up too well in extreme weather. I’ve experienced slight lifting problems in extremely hot or cold weather. It’s waterproof but still has trouble holding with intense sweat in heatwaves or eye watering in sharp cold winds. But overall it’s still an excellent product and a must have if you’re a lash lover like me!