Elf Essential Tweezers Review

When it comes to affordable brushes and tools Elf definitely delivers! I’m a huge fan of their Studio line brushes and I’m becoming quite the fan of their Essential tools as well. I’ve been using Elf’s Essential tweezers for quite some time now and I must say I’m completely impressed! It’s hard to believe this wonder tool costs just $1. It’s the best pair of tweezers I’ve ever used!

I definitely got a lot of bang for my buck with this Elf purchase! These stainless steel tweezers are great for just about everything! The slanted shape and sharp edges make these tweezers the perfect tool for plucking brows and applying falsies. I’m able to clean my brows and reinforce my falsies band with such ease. The design of these tweezers makes gripping a breeze! I can even remove the old glue from my falsies using this beauty with no hassle or damage. The quality is truly unbelievable! After over 6 months of constant use they still feel very strong and tense. I’m definitely ordering more and totally recommend you order a pair too! You can order it online here!