Leopard Print Manicure

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My birthday is in a few days (January 30th woooo!) so I decided to haul my butt to the salon to get my nails done. I seen this really cool leopard print design on Instagram that was so cute I just had to recreate it! I started off with with a bright neon pink polish and a opaque white polish to accent my ring finger and thumb with the design. This was my very first time trying this nail art design so it was a little tricky and I’m not entirely pleased with it but I still liked how it came out! I used a bright hot pink polish and used it to randomly place dots on my nails. I didn’t realize until the last minute that I didn’t have my black polish with me so I improvised and used one of my old black liquid eyeliners which worked out extremely well to my surprise! I carefully outlined the pink dots getting as close to them as I could to create the spots. Leopard print manis aren’t too tricky but you’ll definitely need a nice steady hand! Like my rhinestone mani I definitely want to give this another shot!

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  1. You share a birthday with one of my best girlfriends!!!! Happy Birthday, Beautiful!! Nails look fab!!!

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