MAC Strong Woman Lipstick Swatches & Review

Before I could even catch a good swatch of this lipstick I knew I wanted it! The product list for the Strength collection was out on Specktra months before the collection dropped. Once the pictures started surfacing I was more than positive that I was going to get my hands on Strong Woman. MAC describes this beautiful lippie as a bright violet but to me it comes off  a deep red tone purple. This lipstick isn’t really bright at all. It’s actually much more subdued than I was expecting but it still looks great!

A lot of ladies were comparing this lipstick to Heroine, another limited edition shade by MAC. I don’t own Heroine but from the swatches I’ve seen online Heroine has more blue undertones while Strong Woman is much more red. It almost reads like a deep magenta when applied. The shade reminds me a lot of the Passionately Tempted blush I picked up from the Taste Temptation collection. Although Strong Woman is a matte finish it was much creamier and less drying than Party Parrot. However, I would still recommend wearing a nice balm and lip liner underneath to prevent it from settling into fine lines.

Although Strong Woman isn’t bright like MAC described you can definitely tweak it make it more vibrant or even vampy. I’ve seen an array of ladies in different tones pull this lippie off and it looked different on just about everyone but still very flattering! I was able to make it more vibrant by adding a deep fuchsia lip liner underneath and I’ve seen someone use a deep berry color liner to make it deeper and more sultry. Either way, Strong Woman has a way of making quite the impression!


4 Thoughts to “MAC Strong Woman Lipstick Swatches & Review”

  1. Joanna

    Looks really pretty on you.

    1. fancie

      Thanks Joanna! 😉

  2. I w ish these wouldn’t sell out so d*mn quickly. =/

    1. fancie

      I agree! I had to stalk online to make sure I’d get my hands on this lipstick. It’s a bit stressful

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