NYC Liquid Lip Shine Review

Influenster has done it again! I received the amazing Holiday Vox Box for free which included this really great nude lippie! I’ll always have a spot in my heart for pink lippies but nudes are becoming my faves. So I was definitely a happy camper when I seen this NYC Liquid Lip Shine gloss tucked inside.

I received the color Nude York City (totally cute name!) which is a peachy beige shade with a hint of shimmer. I’m very pleased with the sheen and finish of this gloss. I love that the shimmer is very fine so there’s no gritty feeling or disco ball lips. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for glitter lippies but not with my nudes. I prefer a nice matte or soft sheen finish. This gloss delivers just the right amount of sheen and sparkle to compliment my fave nude lippies. I love it!

It has a slight sweet cotton candy-ish smell to it that I really like. It’s faint and doesn’t linger for long at all. Along with the delicious smell Nude York City also has a pretty decent formula. It’s very lightweight and not sticky or tacky. The consistency is actually very nice and it wears for a little over 2 hours. Not bad at all considering the price and light texture. The only thing I don’t really like about this gloss is that it’s a bit sheer on me. I have pretty pigmented lips so I only get a slight wash of color. However, the lack of pigmentation does make this gloss excellent for layering over liners and lipsticks without altering the color too much.


    • pretty shade
    • nice sheen
    • affordable
    • smells good
    • great for layering
    • not sticky or tacky


      • doesn’t wear too long
      • a little sheer

      Overall, Nude York City is a very nice nude gloss and the Liquid Lip Shine formula isn’t too bad. The only drawbacks are the wear time and lack of pigmentation. But for the price and finish I don’t mind layering or frequent reapplying at all!


      DISCLAIMER: This product was given to me for testing purposes. However, my obligation is solely to my lovely readers! Everything expressed in this review is my honest opinion. I am not getting paid for this review. Thanks for reading!

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