NYX Eyeliner Swatches

 photo 20130303_135302_zps78ad0f16.jpg

Black and brown liners are essential but everyone needs a touch of color in their life, right? I’m a huge fan of adding a nice pop of color on the waterline to spice up a natural look so of course I have a bunch of bright colored liners in my arsenal! I’m a huge fan of NYX liners because they’re always so creamy and pigmented so I snagged a few of them to share with my fancies. Check it out!

 photo 20130303_135520_zps869e9d5d.jpg

I love all types of liners but as you can tell I prefer retractable ones. They tend to be creamier and are so much more convenient! However, I really like the one slim pencil I have. It’s incredibly pigmented and glides on like butter. It’s one of the creamiest pencils I’ve ever tried! I’ll definitely be snagging more soon! I’ve tried a few of these and so far I’m pretty impressed with how they wear. They last me all day and don’t smudge much. I can’t wait to give you guys a full review! In the meantime, check out some swatches!

 photo 20130303_135735_zps5dcb6da0.jpg

From left to right: Lime Green, Teal, Aqua Green, Deep Blue, Turquoise Blue