Sephora Beauty To Go Perfume Sampler Review

Looking to try out some new scents? Then you definitely need to check out this Beauty To Go perfume sampler from Sephora! As much as I love wearing my Juicy Couture perfumes I like to switch it up sometimes. What better way to discover some new scents than to try a perfume sampler?

This set comes with 5 of Sephora’s most popular fragrances. Here’s what’s included:

Kate Walsh Billionaire Boyfriend – Billionaire Boyfriend is my least favorite scent in the sampler. It’s slightly floral but comes off mostly musky to me. I don’t mind musky scents but this one is incredibly manly. It’s supposed to be a balance of perfume and cologne but I just get a cologne vibe from it. I’m not at all a fan but it’ll work well for ladies who like to smell like a touch of cologne.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue – I was soo excited to finally try this perfume but I was a bit disappointed with the scent. After seeing so many ladies rave about it I was expecting something more floral and sweet. However, I’m still very much in love with it! The scent is very light and fresh which makes it excellent for everyday wear.

Clinique Happy – I wasn’t expecting to like this perfume but it smells really good! It has a lovely sweet floral scent that’s very feminine and playful. This is another fragrance that would make a great everyday scent!

Marc Jacobs Daisy – Daisy is definitely my favorite in this set! It smells soo good! I love the girly sweet floral scent. It’s not too light but not too heavy either. It’s great for day and night. I just love it! It’s an all around amazing perfume!

Diesel Loverdose – I’m also a huge fan of Loverdose. I wasn’t expecting much from this perfume either but I love it! It’s sweet yet sexy. Playful yet sultry. Just wonderful! It’s the perfect perfume for a sexy night out!

I really wish I would have paid attention to these fragrance samplers sooner. They’re such excellent deals! Not only do you get 5 deluxe perfume samples but you also get a scent certificate to redeem for a rollerball in the scent of your choice from the sampler. This is an amazing value considering every rollerball in this set costs more than $18. Soo much bang for your buck! I already went out and bought Daisy and Loverdose rollerballs because they were just so addicting so I’ll be using my scent certificate on Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. It wasn’t my favorite but I just had to have it!


2 Thoughts to “Sephora Beauty To Go Perfume Sampler Review”

  1. Ericca

    D&g light blue is my favorite scent. For some reason i cant wear happy.

    1. fancie

      I really like Happy! Light Blue is growing on me more and more!

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