The Body Shop Lip Scuff Review

If I made a list of all the things I hate about winter dry lips would be at the very top! Okay the cold weather would probably be at the very top lol. But dry, chapped lips is still pretty high up! I’m a huge lipstick lover but the cold winter weather makes them such a pain to wear with all the cracking and peeling! While doing a bit of skincare hauling at The Body Shop I decided to browse the lip care section to see if I could find a nice lip scrub. I couldn’t find any so I settled for this lip scuff.

The Body Shop describes this lippie as:

“A moisturizing lip care product that gently exfoliates the lips to help remove dead skin cells, leaving the lips feeling smooth, soft and conditioned.”

I can’t deny that it works but it definitely takes a bit of work to get the results you desire. The Body Shop hit it right on the mark when they described this lippie as a “gentle exfoliator”. It’s almost too gentle! You have to use quite a lot of product to feel any exfoliation and even then it’s not enough for me. To get my kissers lipstick ready I have to slather on a ton it and then go over it with a washcloth to remove all of the dead skin. This isn’t that big of a deal because I do the same with my Elf lip exfoliator (I’ll be reviewing very soon!). However, the washcloth does most of the exfoliating as I can barely feel the exfoliants from the lip scuff on my lips. I was so excited to try this lip scuff because of it’s convenience but it’s more of a hassle. It’s supposed to be a balm and exfoliator in one but it misses the mark on both sides. The  balm part of the lip scuff is moisturizing and leaves my lips feeling soft but it goes on white. Not flattering at all! It’s so disappointing because I can’t even apply it in public without worrying about my lips looking like a powdered donut factory.  I had such high hopes for this lip scuff but it turned out to be pretty disappointing. If you don’t have severely dry lips this may work for you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend.