MAC Double Definition Extra Dimension Skinfinish Review

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I fell in love with MAC’s Extra Dimension Skinfinish formula last year when I hauled Whisper of Guilt from the Glamour Daze collection so I couldn’t wait for In Extra Dimension collection to be released! These highlighters are so beautiful it’s impossible to buy just one! They’re similar to the Mineralize Skinfinish highlighters except they’re more metallic and they feature this beautiful wave design. Not to mention they give the most gorgeous glow!

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Just when I thought the Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighters couldn’t get any better MAC upped the ante by featuring two beautiful highlighters/bronzers in one! The new design has a light soft gold shade and a deep bronze shade to give you a gorgeous glow. I can’t get enough of this new design because it’s a much better value than the previous design with just one color. There’s enough room to use both shades individually so it’s like you’re getting two highlighters for the price of one. The texture is still incredibly silky soft and feels almost like a cream when applied like the previous versions. Because the finish is so metallic it does emphasize pores a bit but it’s not dramatically noticeable at all. Both shades of Double Definition had great color payoff and wear time. With just a couple sweeps my cheekbones looked gorgeous all day!

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I know some of you ladies might have noticed that Double Definition looks pretty close to Whisper of Guilt. I can honestly say there isn’t much of a difference between the light gold on Double Definition and Whisper of Guilt. They look slightly different in the pan but they look extremely similar when swatched and applied. I don’t own Glorify but the darker half of Double Definition looks like it could be a pretty good dupe for it. So if you missed out on Whisper of Guilt or Glorify you definitely want to get your hands on this! It’s worth every penny! You can order yours online now from MAC or Nordstrom or you can find it in stores Thursday.

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