Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Gloss Review

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The beauty world went crazy when Maybelline released the new Color Sensational High Shine glosses and I totally see why! These glosses are pretty nice quality! They’ve been out for quite some time but I just recently decided to try them after MAC released their Fashion Sets collection.  I really wanted to haul the matching lip glasses but it wasn’t in my budget so I opted for the Color Sensational High Shine glosses instead. It’s a good thing I gave them a chance because I would have been missing out!

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I wasn’t expecting any amazing color payoff from these glosses but I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched them. They’re very pigmented! My lips are pretty pigmented but I have no problem getting these glosses to show their beautiful colors without a ton of layering. I’m good to go with just two swipes! The Color Sensational High Shine glosses have a fruity scent that lingers a bit but wears off pretty quickly. Although they’re supposed to be high shine I don’t find these glosses super shiny or glossy. I actually like this but if you’re looking for super sheen you may be disappointed. I love the lightweight texture of these lippies. They aren’t sticky or tacky at all! However, the smooth texture cuts down wear time a bit. They last about 2 hours on me. I don’t mind reapplying these because the consistency is really nice. But I do wish they lasted a little bit longer. Overall, I feel like Maybelline knocked this gloss out of the park! They’re not sticky, pretty pigmented and come in a pretty nice range of colors.

I started off with just 3 but I’m pretty sure I’ll be collecting more. As of now I own Raspberry Reflections, Electric Shock and Captivating Coral. All of them have a bit of shimmer but it doesn’t translate well when applied. Raspberry Reflections is a purpleish magenta, Electric Shock is a bright bubble gum pink and Captivating Coral is a vibrant orange.

Raspberry Reflections, Electric Shock & Captivating Coral